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6 Ways To Entertain Siblings

I'm often asked, "what can I set up so that both/all of my children are entertained?" This can be especially challenging if the children have very different interests or a wider age gap. The next 6 activities are tried and tested games that require very little adult help but are lots of fun for the whole family.

Which one will you try first? Let me know in the comments ⬇️

1️⃣Cardboard Ball Game

You’ll need: A large piece of cardboard and a ball.

How to play: The idea is to pass the ball back and forth without it falling off the edge of the cardboard.

2️⃣Jumper Challenge

You’ll need: Oversized jumper or t-shirt.

How to play: Each child has one arm in one sleeve and the other arm around their friend/partner/sibling’s back. How far can they travel while being attached to each other?

3️⃣Fill the Container Game

You’ll need: Small objects and a container.

How to play: Place objects in the middle of the room and a container on the opposite side of the room. Set a timer and see how many objects they can move before it runs out.

For more about numbers 1-3 watch our video at

4️⃣ Kitchen Disco

You'll need: A bit of space and some music.

How to play: Pop some music on and get them moving. They might like to just dance, create their own shows, make their own workout or just sit and listen.

5️⃣'No Eyes' Scavenger Hunt

You'll need: A blindfold or scarf, lots of space and an object.

How to play: One child will be the leader, one child wears the blindfold. The 'leader' places an object somewhere in the room. The child with the blindfold has to find the object without looking using only the leader's instructions. The leader will need to be very clear and supportive to help them find the object. Some children will benefit from an adult showing them what to do initially.

6️⃣ Playdough

You'll need: Playdough/

How to play: Maybe you've read through these games and thought, "but my children don't actually want to play together"...then let them play alongside each other. Playdough can be used right from when a baby is weaning (using an edible recipe - see my Instagram) through to adulthood. Perhaps your child wants to just roll or squeeze the dough. Some children like to add things to the dough like stones or sticks to make cakes, etc. Playing alongside another child and sharing ideas and resources is a really important part of childhood.

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