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Hey! I'm Emma, Mum of two. As a Teacher, Tutor and Nursery Nurse I have worked with young children across state and private education for well over a decade. I am on a mission to share what I've learned to help families with everything from playing together to building self-esteem. Born out of Lockdown, Every Day Play Ideas started on Instagram as a place to encourage and inspire parents. Today we have 5 play based eBooks for children aged 0-5 and their parents and practitioners too. As well as hundreds of free resources!

Because I see're running around all day keen for an easy and cheap way to entertain your little ones while you grab just five minutes peace! Well, you're in the right place for simple and beneficial play and learning ideas for your baby, toddler, pre-schooler and beyond.


Just don't ask me for any sleep advice, we don't do much of that around here!

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My Story

Lots of people say they ‘fell’ into their careers accidentally. Not me. I knew from a young age that I wanted to teach and each academic decision was intentionally made to get me there. I loved it. I taught Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1 as well as interventions across the primary phase. I got to be in Early Years Moderation and Research Groups and no two days were the same. But teaching is extremely full on and full on in a way that you cannot imagine until you’re in it. So once I had my own children I wanted to teach in a way that meant I got to spend as much time with my own children as possible. These days I offer private tutoring, do the odd bit of supply teaching and spend as much time as possible playing with my children and sharing the best of those ideas in our play eBooks.


With my passion and know-how, I am here to walk you through the fundamentals of play and learning to support your child to achieve their fullest potential. 

I offer free content, expert advice and innovative play and learning guides to help you spend more time having the family life you dreamed of. You know the one where you sat round on a Sunday afternoon, as a family, playing games. Not the one where you stress about homework and reading books at the last minute on a Sunday evening. 


My commitment to you is to bring the best of what I’ve learned and still continue to learn. Whether you’re looking to keep them occupied, help them with a specific skill or generally support their development - I can’t wait to help you do this.


Love Emma / Teacher, Mum and Founder of Every Day Play Ideas


I'm always happy to help with your parenting or practitioner queries. Send me an email or join our mailing list to stay up to date.

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