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Connection is the self-paced course that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about behaviour, big feelings and bonding with your child. All of the tips I've learned over 15 years of working with thousands of can learn in just a matter of weeks. These are the secrets every parent deserves to know!

This is for you if...

You’re a parent who cares about your child's emotional well-being and wants to spend more time connecting and less time stressing. 

You want to gain a better understanding of your child and

know what to do when they just won't do what you need.


You’ve ever said…"I just want them to be happy!”

“They’ve got the attitude of a teenager”  or

“They’re just so defiant and strong-willed.” 

What You Can Expect


“They’ve worked out how to manipulate you.”

In Module 1 we'll cover a super short introduction (because one thing parents don't have is spare time). We'll go through attachment, bonding and how your child's brain differs from yours. 


“I don’t know where she gets it from.”

Regulating our own emotions is the best kept secret for parents & I'm going to show you how & why it's going to become your super power. I'll be teaching you everything I learned the hard way.


"They don't deserve it"

Just imagine if someone had filled you up with buckets of self-esteem and self-belief as a child. In Module 3 I am going to be teaching you how and why we need to do this for our children.


"I haven't got time for this, get up!"

During week 4 I'll be taking you through why tantrums are not yours or your child's fault and equipping you with the skills to have confidence to cope with them.


"How many times do I have to tell you?"

Hands up if you've ever felt personally victimised by your child's (lack of) listening skills? This module will teach you the ultimate tricks for getting them to listen.


"That's it. I'm going without you."

What do you do when you've given warnings, made threats and you're still seeing a behaviour backlash? I'll show you how to avoid going to battle with your child.


"Did you see what they just did?"

Module 7 tackles sibling relationships, physical behaviour and the power of praise. We'll delve deeper into the why and the how, leaving you more confident to deal with it all.


"Come on, you're fine."

This could well be the most important module of the lot. This week we look at anxiety, anger, mental health and well-being. You'll learn how and why to help, teaching your child habits for a lifetime. 


"All they want to do is play."

Play really is the language of childhood. Module 9 will teach you how to do it within our modern and busy lifestyles. We'll finish with Module 10 'but what about when...' where I'll answer a bunch of FAQs.

Are you going to invest in your child's future? 

This is the course you'll wish your own parents watched. Over the 15 plus years of working with children, I have invested hundreds of pounds and thousands of hours learning and growing my knowledge. This course will teach you all of the secrets, empower you to embrace your instincts and help you to have the relationship you've always wanted. 

What results can you expect?

Develop an understanding of why your child behaves like they do and what you can do to help.

Build stronger bonds and attachments with your child that will support them throughout childhood and last a lifetime.

Gain proven strategies that work to solve the problems you face on a daily basis. 


What other parents say:

"I feel so lucky that my little man has had your presence in the classroom so much this year. You really have made SO much difference to his well-being. And you are equipping me to continue that at home!"

Are you ready to get started?

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