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10 sanity-saving rainy day play ideas for the whole family

Scroll to the bottom for my favourite family activity EVER!

1. Asteroid Aim

You'll need: a 'goal' (we use a washing basket) and either rolled up foil or regular balls. Take it in turns to throw the balls into the basket. The winner is whoever gets the most in the goal.

2. Feely Boxes

You'll need: a cardboard box and some interesting contents.

You can either make several boxes (as pictured) or make one box and change what is inside each time. At this time of year cotton wool and plastic spiders work well but you could even put a toy inside and ask your family to guess what it is.

3. Shape Throw

You'll need: some tape and beanbags.

Mark out some shapes using tape. I use washi tape as it peels off easily. Take it in turns to be the person who calls out the shape names and the person who throw the beanbag.

4. Lazer Game

You'll need: string, twine, rope or ribbon.

Mark out string lazers across a doorframe or area in your home. Can you each fit through the gaps to get into the room without touching the laser?

5. Cardboard Dance Mat

You'll need a large piece of cardboard and paint or pens.

Divide the cardboard into equal sized squares. Add a symbol to each box. To play, you can either create a sequence of symbols to remember and copy, or have a dancing competition and every time the music stops you stand on a given symbol.

6. Indoor Sensory Path

You'll need: whatever you have. Sheets, packaging and door mats work well. Lay it out to create a path and move around it in different ways. How does it feel if you crawl along it? What about walking with bare feet?

7. Love Heart Throw

You'll need: cardboard, scissors and an old tube.

Cut the cardboard into hearts. Circles also work. Take it in turns to toss the cardboard shape towards the tube and seek if you can 'hook' them on.

8. Giant Noughts and Crosses

You'll need: tape, paper plates (noughts) and cardboard (crosses).

Using the tape create a 3 by 3 grid. Take it in turns to place your symbol down. The idea of the game is to get 3 in a row.

9. Photo Booth

You'll need: a large piece of cardboard, a pen, some props and a camera..

First, cut a square out of the cardboard. You can decorate the cardboard if you wish or leave it plain. Dress up using the props, stand behind the photo booth. and snap away.

10. Balloon Tennis

You'll need: a balloon, a paper plate for each player.

If you only try one of these activities, make it this one. The paper plate is your bat and the balloon is your ball. You can either play tennis or badminton or just keepy uppy.

Which one is your family's fave? Let me know in the comments!

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