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30 Ideas to Entertain Children in the Easter Holiday

The holidays can be hard, can't they? Your child is probably used to being entertained all day at school and they come home with the same expectations. Add in the zillion snack requests all day long and a not so positive weather forecast...well, it can be daunting to say the least.

Here are 30 ideas that require minimal time, money and effort. Want my advice? Pick and choose what works for your family and don't overthink it :)

  1. Nature Scavenger Hunt. Grab a bag or a box and head outside. What special treasures can you find? If you have time beforehand, make a list of things to look for i.e daisies, leaves, sticks, etc. Scroll down to find out how to use your new treasures.

  2. Pavement chalks. Using wet chalks (or cornflour paint if you're feeling fancy) get outside and start drawing. You could create your own path with challenges. For example, turn in a circle here, jump on the square.

3. Build a den. Either indoors with blankets or outdoors with sticks. Tarpaulin over a washing line or climbing frame can be lots of fun too.

4. Paint the bath. Food colouring and shaving foam are great for this but you could use yoghurt too.

5. Have a kitchen disco. Put music on and dance. Simple yet so fun!

6. Nature weaving. You'll need cardboard, some string and some tape. Then use nature treasures to decorate.

7. Play Balloon Tennis. Paper plates and a balloon. Trust me when I say this is the best activity on this list.

8. Host a bedroom talent show. This works really well if you have more than 1 child. Send them off to their rooms to come up with a talent. As a family, visit each room to watch the talent show.

9. Create a nature picture frame. Use sticks to create a frame and then decorate inside.

10. Play pin the tail on the bunny. I'm going to make a video explaining this one a bit more - so look out for that on our socials (@everydayplayideas)

11. Have a living room sleepover.

12. Create a kitchen shuttleboard. Copy the picture and use tape and paper plates to create your own giant game.

13. Block bowling. You'll need some blocks and a ball.

14. Nature 3 in a row. Once your child is clear on how to play the game, this is a great one to extend a park trip.

15. DIY pamper afternoon. A bowl of water, bubble bath and some moisturiser can make for a really fancy afternoon. Can your child come up with any ideas for treatments?

16. Decorate a nature jar. Wash out an old jar. It doesn't matter if it's still sticky on the outside as that will make it easier to add the petals.

17. Indoor treasure hunt. This is the perfect sitting on the sofa activity. Send your child off to find something 'shiny' and ask them to bring it back to you. The more obscure your request, the longer they'll be searching.

18. Bedroom lazer. Attach string across a doorframe and try to climb through without touching it.

19. Homemade photo booth. Make a cardboard frame and grab some props. Hats, scarves and glasses are a great place to start.

20. Feed the ducks. Simple, classic, need I say more?

21. Ballpit bath. Or any type of bath during the day. Glowsticks in the evening work well too.

22. Home cinema. I use this one whenever I need a chilled afternoon. Pop the TV, grab some blankets and maybe even try to close your eyes. If you want to make it a bit more official, the children can make cinema tickets in advance.

23. Rock painting. Given that it's the Easter holidays you probably won't want to paint pumpkins, but you get the idea. Acrylic paint works well. If you want them last buy a paint sealant and cover them.

24. Wash the car or outdoor toys. You can do this one even if it's raining!

25. Junk modelling. Use your recycling and get creative. Children usually have fantastic ideas so give them some sellotape and let them take the lead.

26. Lounge basketball. If you don't have any small, soft balls, scrunch up some tin foil and grab your washing basket. Whoever gets the most in the basket, wins.

27. Make a time capsule. Find a box, fill it with things that represent your family right now. Agree a date to open it back up again.

28. Paint the fence (with water). This is one of my favourite memories from my own childhood. It's also a great opportunity to practise spellings or times tables.

29. Play the left/right game. Go for a walk and alternate the directions, turning left and then right and see where you end up.

30. Watch our @everydayplayideas Easter reel for more inspiration.

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