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Learning to write, play sports and put a seatbelt on all have this in common...

Recently we learned all about how the shoulder plays a HUGE part in our ability to write but here’s another handy insight for you.

It's called 'crossing the midline'

But what is it?

Visualise an imaginary line down the centre of your body from the top to the bottom. Any movement that brings your hand, arm, leg or foot across this imaginary line is crossing the midline.

Why should you care about crossing the midline?

1️⃣It helps your child to establish a dominant hand for writing.

2️⃣It promotes coordination between each side of the brain.

3️⃣It improves the gross and fine motor skills needed for writing.

And it doesn’t just help with writing:

⚽️It’s needed in ball skills for sports.

👚We use it for getting dressed - think putting your left shoe on with your right hand.

🥣While eating and using a spoon, we cross the midline to reach the other side of the bowl.

🚗It’s essential for putting your seatbelt on.

Activities to help with crossing the midline:

🔴Wash a large wall/car.

🟠Play toy cars on a racetrack.

🟡Manoeuvre a train around a figure of 8 track.

🟢Have a pillow fight.

🔵Make a giant art project ie. a rainbow.

🔴Use pool noodles as lightsaber.

🟠Dance with sensory scarves.

To watch a video of what crossing the midline looks like, click here:

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