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Does your toddler do the same thing over and over again? The reason why may surprise you!

Does your toddler do the same thing repeatedly?

  • Mine does

  • I haven't noticed this

If there’s one thing we all know about toddlers it’s that they LOVE repetition, right?

Yet if you were to google ‘Why does my child keep repeating actions?’ the number one response uses language such as ‘disorders or dysfunctions of brain development’, ‘autism’, ‘ADHD’ and ‘OCD’.

Let me say this louder for those at the back…

🚨Repetitive behaviour is how children learn. Repetitive behaviour is an essential part of brain development.🚨

Hiding toys does NOT mean there is any problem with your toddler’s behaviour. It doesn’t mean they’re naughty or secretive…it means they’re learning. In fact this particular one is all to do with the ‘enveloping’ schema. The enveloping schema is to do with concealing. Building dens, covering themselves, filling bags, etc.

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