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The Classroom Guided Relaxation

The Classroom Guided Relaxation


A 5 minutes relaxation audio designed for school or classroom use.


Recommended Age: Year 2+

For EYFS and year 1 look at 'Happy Place' and 'Colours' relaxation audios.


The Classroom Guided Relaxation is a soothing audio resource designed for school staff to use with children in a classroom setting. This audio features calming music and gentle narration to guide students through relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation. The guided meditation is ideal for helping students reduce anxiety, improve focus, and promote a sense of well-being during the school day. This audio resource is a valuable tool for teachers and support staff to incorporate into daily classroom routines, providing a calming and nurturing environment for students. With regular use, The Classroom Guided Relaxation can help children develop important self-regulation skills and improve their mental and emotional resilience.


Once your order is complete, you will receive a Youtube link to your relaxation in the thank you page of the checkout. Be sure to check your junk folder if you cannot find it. As email links expire after 30 days, we recommend saving or copying the link to your device so you have lifetime access. If buying the relaxation for someone else, simply enter their email address instead at the checkout. Please note that video and audio links must not be distributed without permission from Every Day Play Ideas. Digital downloads cannot be exchanged or refunded.

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