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Tips For Your Child’s First Week at School

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

I’ve talked lots before about how to get them ready, what you’ll need and what to say and do after school (check out my Instagram reels to see).

But here are my tips for making that first week easier for everyone.

1️⃣Allow plenty of time.

Think about what time they need to be up and out the door and how long it takes to get ready. Then add in a little buffer time so that you’re not rushing around last minute.

2️⃣Try to make the mornings as relaxed as possible.

Get yourself ready first. Pick your battles. Try to avoid stress for yourself and them.

3️⃣Be positive.

As teachers we know you’re nervous, emotional and in utter disbelief about where your little newborn has gone. Try to smile and be positive. Wear your sunglasses and have a cry once you’ve dropped your child off.

4️⃣Try not to bombard them with questions.

After school keep it light and relaxed. You might like to watch my reel about what to avoid saying after school.

5️⃣Be flexible about their behaviour.

Starting school is a big change and it’s exhausting! Try to remember that if their behaviour is a little more challenging that usual.

6️⃣Don’t plan too much.

Did I mention they’re going to be tired? Try to keep clubs to a minimum and organise some downtime for the weekends and after school.

7️⃣Plan something nice for yourself (if you can).

You’ve done it! You’ve grown and raised a child for the last five years and now they’re off to school! But 3pm and school holidays come around quicker than you can imagine. Plan something nice to do for yourself that you wouldn’t have been able to do before!

📣Have you got a child starting school this year? Comment a ❤️ if so.

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