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Our top 7 screen-free activities for rainy days

There are lots of lovely things about the UK but it really does rain a lot doesn't it?

Here are our top 7 screen-free activities to keep your little one busy.

1. Chores

Hear me out...children love doing things they aren't usually allowed to do. A cloth and water in a spray bottle can be entertaining and helpful. Pairing socks is great for their learning and also one less thing to do.

2. Bath painting

Use either shaving foam, shower gel or yoghurt and mix with food colouring. Add paintbrushes and you're ready to decorate either the bath, shower or sink. Encourage your child to rinse it all off again afterwards.

3. Den building

Let your child take the lead with this one. What can they find to hide underneath? Blankets and cushions work well indoors. Outdoors you could use tarpaulin over a washing line or climbing frame.

4. Puddle jumping

Because if you can't beat the rain you might as well join it!

5. Hide and seek Ted

Grab a teddy. Probably not your child's favourite one, just incase. Take turns to hide it around the room/your home.

6. Block bowling

Build a tower out of building blocks. These are your new bowling pins. Using a ball, and taking it in turns, roll the ball towards the tower. The winner is whoever knocks the most blocks down.

7. Indoor treasure hunt

This is my favourite on those days where you just need to sit down for ten minutes. Find a space in your house and get comfortable. Explain that you're going to be doing a treasure hunt and that you child is the detective. Ask them to find something red (for example) and bring it back to you. Then ask them to search for something green. You don't have to do colours, any theme will work, it all depends how long you'd like that game to last.

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