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How to entertain your baby or toddler EVEN IF they put everything in their mouth.

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Putting things in their mouth is a key stage of development...but it means that lots of everyday items can become a hazard.

Here are 3 top tips to help them explore safely.

1. Pop items they love but cannot safely explore in zip wallets or securely fastened bags. Supervision will still be needed at all times but this way they can touch and experience the items without putting them in their mouth.

2. Make it taste safe. This tray contains herbs, brown sugar, cocoa powder and flour. So while we wouldn't want our children to consume it in large amounts, the ingredients are edible so a small mouth reaching their mouths wouldn't be a problem.

3. Make a basket of items they aren't usually allowed (think TV remotes, leaves, etc.) and explore them together. It's then easy to pop the container out of reach while you're not playing.

For more ideas for your baby or toddler check out our play eBooks on the SHOP tab.

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