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How many of these baby toy 'must haves' do you have?

Read to the bottom for my favourite one!

Babies need to be supervised at all times and any items should be checked thoroughly before being given to a little one to explore.

1. Brushes

Clean brushes are a great thing for baby to explore. Think soft hair brushes, toothbrushes or even unused paint brushes. Tickle your baby's hand and allow them to explore the bristles.

2. Scarves

Not the kind you wear in a snowstorm. Think colourful translucent fabric that can be hidden under. We got ours from Amazon but any fabric will do.

3. Ribbons

Hang them, look at them, pull them from a box. The possibilities are endless.

4. Lights

You don't even need to purchase anything for this one. Take them for a walk at Christmas, show them fireworks on the TV, let them explore the torch on your phone.

5. Mirrors

Any good play gym has a mirror because babies get so much from exploring their own reflection.

6. A Sponge

Play with them wet or dry and they feel like a totally different item. Show your baby what happens with them in the bath when you hold them high and squeeze the water out.

7. Cups

Make towers, knock them down, repeat. Hide things underneath. Pretend to put them on your head. Again, endless possibilities.

8. A bag

Because they're great for hiding things in.

9. Boxes

Because they're great for hiding yourself in.

10. A teddy

These can be hidden, cuddled, and played with in so many different ways.

11. And most importantly, an adult who loves, plays and cuddles them.

Tonnes of toys are not necessary for a child of any age, but especially for a baby. They can have a great time with just your household items. If you're looking for more items on how to play with each one then down our Baby Play eBook by clicking the button below.

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