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How I taught my child to write their name in a week!

Newsflash, you don’t need fancy resources to help your child. This is a simple but great way to work on first names, surnames and tricky spellings.

Watch the video for more info and then read my golden rules below.

⭐️My golden rules⭐️

1️⃣Wait until they’re ready (see the 4 pre-requisites below).

2️⃣Only do it when they want to.

3️⃣Focus on one thing per day -i.e one letter.

4️⃣No more than 5-10 minutes a day. It’s best to stop BEFORE they get bored.

5️⃣Work at their pace.

Pre-requisites for name writing:

  1. Can they recognise their name?

  2. Do they recognise each of the letters from their name?

  3. Can the correctly and independently order the letters of their name?

  4. Are they happy using one handed tools such as a pen or pencil?

Looking for activities that can help? Check out our Preschool and Reception activity eBooks.

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