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Easy maths ideas for each day of half term

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Monday - Jumping Numbers

You’ll need some cushions and numbers. You can of course write the numbers on paper. Stick the down with some space around and call out the numbers for your child to jump on.

Tuesday - Nature Numbers

You’ll need sticks, stones or whatever you can find outside. You can always chalk the numbers down first if that helps.

Wednesday - Number Snacks

You’ll need paper, a pen and some small snacks like raisins. Draw the circles, let your child matching the numbers to the raisins and then eat their hard work.

Thursday - Shaving Foam Numbers

You’ll need shaving foam and a wipe clean tray. Squeeze the foam onto the tray and ask your child to write the numbers they know.

Friday - Fence Painting

You’ll need a wall or fence, a paintbrush and some water. Even if it’s raining, pop a coat on and play.

Saturday - Number Hunt

You don’t need anything for this one. Just get outside and look for door numbers, number plates, etc. This one could also be completed inside your home or while at the shops.

Sunday - Post-it Note Number Line

You’ll need a pen and either some post-it notes of paper. Write the numbers out, separate them and hide them around the house to be found.

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