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Did you shout at your child today?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Can I be honest? I’ve spent years working with children and keeping calm with other people’s children. I know all the tips to deal with their (and my own) behaviour and I STILL get triggered by the little humans I created myself. It’s human nature and we’ve all been there.

Here’s what to do…



Be accountable, apologise and tell them what you’ll differently.

⚡️‘I made a mistake today when I shouted at you. Mistakes are human and it’s okay to make them but next time I am going to take big deep breaths before responding.’

⚡️’I love being your Mummy and sometimes I feel tired and stressed. I get overwhelmed as I am still learning too. This isn’t your fault.’

⚡️’I wasn’t being very respectful when I shouted, I’m sorry. I was feeling angry, sometimes we are going to make each other angry but it doesn’t mean we don’t love each other.’

⚡️’Do you remember yesterday when we were in the car and I shouted? I am sorry I did that. I was feeling cross and frustrated and that’s okay, but it’s not okay to shout. I needed to take a break and calm down.’

It’s never too late to PAUSE, BREATHE and TRY AGAIN.

💬Encourage them to share their feelings but if they don’t, that’s fine. They might not be bothered at all or they may still be cross.

It’s still important to repair…


👉🏼Children learn through what they see.

👉🏼Negative feelings accumulate like snowballs.

👉🏼You deserve to release your own guilt.

👉🏼Your child needs to know they’re loved, they did nothing wrong.

👉🏼We are teaching them how to work through conflict.

👉🏼They’re learning that their actions affect another person.

Does this resonate with you? Comment below if so.

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