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Build your child's confidence in 7 simple steps

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

📍‘I can’t do it’

📍‘It’s too hard’

📍‘I’m not very good at that, am I?’

Heard any of those before? Hard to hear aren’t they? But we can do something to help!

1️⃣Praise them.

Give them positive feedback related to what they're doing. Try saying things like, 'that was brave when...' 'you must feel so proud of...'

2️⃣Encourage them to problem solve.

Ask them open ended questions to allow them the space to search for an answer. Offer help when asked for it.

3️⃣Avoid negative labels.

For example, saying things like ‘you’ll probably find it tricky but…’ isn't going to fill them with confidence in their own ability.

4️⃣Set up opportunities for them to be successful.

Start small with something they'll be able to accomplish. When they achieve it, celebrate it. Depending on your child's age this could be starting off their zip and letting them pull it to the top. This one can even be achieved with babies. When they babble, mimic their noises and watch their face light up.

5️⃣Let them make their own decisions.

Teaching them about consent is a great place to start with this. Their body, their choice. Try saying things like 'do you want to give Grandma a hug or wave goodbye?'

6️⃣Be a role model.

I know it's not easy, especially if you're not the most confident individual. Think fake it until you make it. Comment on things you’ve done well or the things you love about yourself and let your child overhear you. Letting them overhear great things about themselves does wonders for them too!

7️⃣Encourage them to take risks.

How easy is it to say the words 'be careful'? We have all been there. But what do those two words teach our children? Children are often aware of their own limits so let them explore them where they can.

Tap the 'like' button if you're going to try some of these this week.

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