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7 things to say and do after school 📚

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

How many times has school pick up ended in tears, tantrums and too much tiredness? School is a full-on day right from the moment registration starts to the moment they walk out the door to go home. Your child is tired and hungry and they've missed you. But their behaviour doesn't often show this, does it? Here are 7 tips to make life easier for them (and you) for that after school period.

1️⃣Greet them with a smile.

Even if they’re throwing their bag at you or complaining because you didn’t bring the car.

2️⃣Take snacks.

They’ll be starving. They won’t have eaten since lunchtime and their brains and bodies will have been working really hard.

3️⃣3. Remind them you understand.

Try saying something like ‘You’ve had a long day, I’m here to look after you.’

4️⃣Tell them about your day.

Model to them how to talk about the ups and downs of your day. This gives them chance to absorb the information without having to use more energy relaying their day.

5️⃣Ask open ended questions.

If they can respond with just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ then they probably will. Try ‘what was your favourite thing that happened today?’ ‘What was the hardest part?’ or ‘How did you feel today?’

6️⃣Help them find ways to decompress.

Teach them healthy habits for switching ‘off’. Offer sensory play, go for a walk, listen to music, watch TV or simply do nothing.

7️⃣Keep after school activities to a minimum.

They’ll be exhausted for the first few weeks of term. And the same happens again in the last few weeks of term before Christmas. Clear the diary where you can.



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