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7 days of letter play to get you through the school holidays

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

The school holidays can be daunting can't they? Especially the first one after they've started school. They're used to being entertained all day and suddenly you're at home 24/7 just as the weather changes and the days get shorter.

Worry not, I've got 7 days worth of activities for you that won't cost a penny and can be done even if it's raining!

Monday - Household Letter Hunt

You don’t need anything for this one. Look around the house. What can you find? Perhaps your child could write down the letters they find.

Tuesday - Spotty Letters

You’ll need dot markers or cotton buds and paint. Cocktail sticks work too. We did this one white whiteboard markers. Draw out your chosen letters or sounds and ask your child to trace dots over the top.

Wednesday - Word Blocks

You’ll need blocks, paper and a pen. Pick a word that your child can sound out. Something like 'sat' or 'pin' is a good place to start if they have just joined Reception.

Thursday - Noughts and Crosses (letter or word)

You’ll need paper and a pen. We made ours with a whiteboard and pen. Draw out a 3 by 3 grid and write one word of letter in each box. Take it in turns to read one and draw your symbol. The first with 3 in a row wins.

Friday - Letter Baskets

You’ll need a container, a pen and whatever else you can find in the home. Pick a letter and ask your child to fill the container with items beginning with that sound.

Saturday - Crafty Letter

You’ll need paper, a pen, collage materials and something to stick it all together with. Draw out a familiar letter, perhaps your child's initial, and ask them to decorate it.

Sunday - Letter Hunt (Go for a walk letter hunt)

You won’t need anything for this one. Just go for a walk and look for road names, number plates, etc. Try to get out even if it's wet. If there's something to look for then chances are they'll forget how wet they are.

Look out for our 7 days of number play blog post!

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