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25 of the best activities to help children calm down.

Because at some point in your parenting career there's going to be a moment where you just don't know what to try next. Save this post now!

  1. Water play

  2. Play with a fidget toy/stress ball

  3. Have a snack

  4. Get outside

  5. Cuddle

  6. Blow bubbles

  7. Complete a puzzle

  8. Use stretchy resistance bands

  9. Listen to music

  10. Paint a picture

  11. Play a physical game - hopscotch, cartwheels, running.

  12. Quiet den

  13. Listen to an audiobook

  14. Do yoga

  15. Sing

  16. Watch a sensory bottle

  17. Scooping and pouring

  18. Read or be read to

  19. Mindful breathing (

  20. Play a board game

  21. Jump on a trampoline

  22. Explore play dough

  23. Shred tissue paper

  24. Dance

  25. Have a drink - warm or cold

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

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