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24 Cheap and Easy Ideas for Advent

  1. Read a Christmas story

  2. Write a letter to Santa

  3. Put up Christmas decorations

  4. Make a Christmas keepsake

  5. Watch a Christmas film

  6. Visit the local garden centre

  7. Play pin the nose on rudolf*

  8. Make s’mores

  9. Play hide the star

  10. Sing Christmas songs

  11. Make a festive water tray*

  12. Have a Christmas photoshoot

  13. Make Christmas cards*

  14. Go on a Christmas light hunt

  15. Donate a toy or book to charity

  16. Visit family and friends

  17. Have a festive drink

  18. Make a play dough wreath*

  19. Go on a winter scavenger hunt

  20. Tell someone all the reasons you like them

  21. Donate to a food bank

  22. Have a Christmas tree disco

  23. Create a Christmas Quiz

  24. Have a Christmas tree picnic

SAVE this one now to inspire you throughout December!

*examples on our ‘Christmas’ Instagram Highlight.

🚨Now the big question is, do you have elves arriving on December 1st?

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