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15 super easy activities for babies

How does the saying go? The years fly by but the days go on and on and on? Something like that.

Some days at home with a baby fly by don't they? By the time you've changed the 20th nappy and the 5th outfit it doesn't leave much time. But other days can be long and lonely and all families have them.

So here are 15 super easy activities that also support their development.

1. Singing

2. Rhyming

3. Dancing

4. Wiggling/moving/baby yoga

5. Reading

6. Water play

7. Getting outdoors

8. Feely bags

9. Sensory play

10. Copying games like peekaboo

11. Listening to music/environmental sounds

12. Cuddles

13. Talking

14. Blowing bubbles/raspberries

15. Exploring puppets or teddies

For further information and ideas, check out The Baby Play eBook. Click the link below to find out more.

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